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The Zen that is quicker than lightning.

Once upon a time a good mind of the way transported its body to a supposed place of a great Mind Master,  as to inquire into the mystery of the Buddhadharma. Once its body, and main source of self-reliance, reached the peak of a high mountain, there inside a cave with no external light reaching in, the Mind Master awaited the students arrival in IT´s usual state of mahasamadhi, granting the student the karmic vision of an old withered body in a worn out robe, sitting comfortably behind Read more [...]

Cutting down the tree of birth, death and rebirth

            Unless you are completely disenchanted with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth at the deepest level of your subconsciousness, the sublime and liberating light of the Buddhadharma will be lost on you. Tozen Read more [...]

The light of compassion

A mind of great honor, moderation and intelligence is not necessarily a mind  of foolish shortsightedness, nor is it one poor in compassion and humor.  The immense complexity of the created,  demands such qualities. Yet, if these native excellences were to be put to a test of permanence,  through a fine lens of spiritual scrutiny, the pure and awesome light of compassion would outshine them all. Once the veil of the created is removed as a reality of influence in the mind, the proof Read more [...]

Finding [recollecting] the Unborn Mind.

Abiding in the blinding darkness of ignorance is not easy. If anything, countless sentients, suffering on a daily basis no matter their status in a grinding maze of discontentment can attest to this fact. If not in their best hour, at least in their worst. The only cure to this malady is the deathless body and imageless reality of the Unborn Mind. In order to abide in the Unborn Mind, your true nature, YOU HAVE TO FIND IT [recollect] first. That of course through the penetration or Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 3

Without true Jhana [1], the Imageless reality of Zen remains a lifeless mystery. Because it is lifeless to any worldling devoting its mind to follow images of a myriad shapes and functions, it carries no attraction to them since they refuse consciously or subconsciously be Mind-full (of its nature). What has no [force/light of] life, is empty of Truth, and what is empty of truth brings inevitably misery and suffering to the mind. Spirit [2] defiled, means birth and death, while Spirit that Read more [...]

The Mind of Zen

When it comes to matters of Spirit, and the innate Mind animating its will; Great minds discuss ideas around its true nature, relying solely on the light of its absolute reality as origin of their wisdom. Average minds discuss events around its illusory appearances; and finally -  Small minds discuss people who like them are caught in its created maelstrom of birth and death. If you cannot understand this, or much less accept it, know then that where there is no division [of Mind], there Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 2

(Dedicated to those of you,  whom are close to death or connected to a close relative, or friend, that in your eyes and consciousness-field is about to die.) Make no mistake. This body, your present spiritual residence of ignorance, desire and the will that executed said desire  and descended the consciousness of your Spirit/Mind into its conditioned abode, is going to die. End. Cease to exist in its born and regenerated spatio-temporal form. When death comes to your present consciousness Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 1

The various ways and amount of suffering in this mind-realm is beyond the understanding of any sentient being. Were it not so, beholding the inevitable pain of such a burning house, all sentients would swiftly strive to know the light of the luminous Mind, being their true nature that allows escape and a firm standing on the nirvanic shore of their true self. The noble student of the way contemplates the mantra; Who was I  before this body was born?  Who am I  after this body was born? If Read more [...]

Being of a Single Mind – One-pointedness (Zen) is attained

Let not the appearance of these words fool you,  yet do not wander off from the context at hand. Being One in Spirit (will) and of One Mind is to be of a Single Mind in a here and now that stretches beyond the temporal prison of this body consciousness, which clouds the true vision of your luminous Self.   The Buddhas have never lied nor will they ever  bare false witness [of the Dharma] to you. Their dharma unfolds before you Minds´s eye at any given moment.  Blink and you´ve Read more [...]

The mind of 84,000 hooks.

This is the sole gospel of Mara, the Evil One, so pay careful attention; Within each seed granted your self, there is a promise of a beautiful flower. One of completeness and bliss or even vengeance and destruction. In the end, when all things are said and done and you find yourself confused and suffering try to recall that pure evil dwells not in any of these positions of the divided Mind; but solely in the Body of Perfect Deception. Once upon a time, in a realm and reality, Read more [...]