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The wrong and right self

As a student of the Buddhadharma, you should devote all your time and energy trying to find your right self. You cannot ever find the nirvanic light of absolute reality in the wrong self. Whether you walk, you breath, you … Continue reading

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33. Q: What does it mean when a sutra discusses “the twenty-five elements of existence”? A: This indicates the nature of undergoing future rebirth or incarnations within the six realms of impermanence. Because of a delusion-filled existence during their life-cycles sentient … Continue reading

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Tozen: Entrance into the Absolute Reality of your True Self

If you focus on what is Mind Only, eg. Mind Unborn, no one can teach you anything of value outside the complete preview of this Mind. Thus, your ability to awaken into the true reality of this Mind, which is … Continue reading

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