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Akṣhobhya’s Pure Land

We now return to our series based on the large compendium of the Māhāratnakūa Sutra. Our focus at this junction is on a sutra pertaining to a Pure-Land. Many mistakenly assume that the only “pure-land” that exists in Buddhism is that of Amitabha (Amida) Buddha. On the contrary, he shares that most noble position with other Buddha-brothers from his Dhyāna-Buddha family. Sutra 6 in the Māhāratnakūṭa is The Dharma-Door of Praising Tathagata Akṣhobhya’s Merits. It pertains to Akṣhobhya’s early Bodhisattva Career, his rise in Bodhipower through the Inconceivable-field of the prajñapāramitā; his firm and immovable position in the Buddhadharma as a Dharma-Lord; and the ensuing establishment of his Buddha-land: read more

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Third Scrutiny


As Amitābha Buddha departed Acintapa Mahasiddha sensed a warm sensation permeating his Self (Heart) Chakra as Akobhya Buddha now became the dominant manifestation. Vairocana’s seed element O reveals Universality , Akobhya Buddha’s HŪ generates the descent into the depth dimension of the Heart—the Transcendental manifesting in the ephemeral: this is the emergence of Akobhya’s Wisdom of the Great Mirror, thus reflecting the Void (śūnyāta) in the phenomenal as much as the phenomenal is in the manifested side of Voidness. The Sacred HŪ vibrating in the Self (Heart) Chakra is symbolized in Akobhya touching the earth—the Sovereign Sign that vanquishes the power of the evil one. This symbolic action also represents the union of the Spiritual (Vajradhātu) with the Matrix-element (Garbhadhātu) as Akobhya’s five fingers (Matrix-element) grasped the index finger (Spiritual-Diamond Element) of his right hand; Akobhya spoke thus:  read more

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The Mandala of the Five Dhyanī Buddhas


Then the Lord discoursed upon the Five Skandhas.  read more

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