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The Real Amitabha

  (A Buddha from Korea: The Zen Teachings of T’aego) The pure, wondrous dharmakaya of Amitabha Buddha is everywhere in the mind-ground of all sentient beings. Thus it is said: “Mind, buddhas, sentient beings—these three are no different.” It is also said: “Mind is buddha, buddha is mind. Outside of mind there is no buddha, outside of buddha there is no mind.” If you genuinely recite the buddha-name, you are just invoking the Amitabha of your own inherent nature. Twenty-four Read more [...]

Meet the Buddhas: Bardo 3, Prologue

Entering Bardo Realm Three, we discover that the Sambhogakayic-field we encountered in Bardo Two also encompasses what is to be revealed in this present Bardo of Meditation and Deep Samadhis, although the emphasis now is on the Pure Sambhogakayic Continuum—the Enjoyment (Transcendent) Realm wherein Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other advanced Spiritual Beings truly enjoy pure bliss on the ten planes of Perfected Spiritual Perfection. Amongst this most auspicious Sambhogakayic body reside “The Read more [...]