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Buddhist Meditations on the Tarot

The groundbreaking work, Meditations on the Tarot (21 May 1967) was written anonymously by a Christian-Hermeticist Monk and covered extensively everything mystical and philosophical under the sun in the context of Major Arcana cards of the ancient Tarot of Marseilles. … Continue reading

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The Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot: Intro

A short time ago a discussion of the Tarot arose and the response was one of caution, even for some trepidation, as to its nature. It’s true that divination, if approached in ways and fashions that lean towards the dark … Continue reading

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The Arcanum of the Chariot

Arjuna next instructs Krishna (his Divine Charioteer) to drive their chariot directly between the two opposing armies. The very symbol of the chariot plays a dominant role in the Gita. It is an Ancient Arcanum and holds a particularly high … Continue reading

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