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Enlightenment Woes

It is said that when looking at the sayings and teachings of the Buddhas and patriarchs, if you look as one with fresh hatred looks upon an enemy, you will then for the first time be able to understand them. What do you think about this?”  read more

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Karmic Affinity

Robert Stewart

Within the teachings it is said that it is easy for one to believe if the karmic relationship with the teacher is right, and it is easy to enter if the karmic connection to the Way is right. Then no matter how hard I practice the kensho road to realization, I could not be expected to reach satori if my past karma were not right. Should I first try to practice a way that would set my karma right?”  read more

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Mud and Water: Bassui Zen

In November we will be spending time with the 14th century Japanese Zen Master Bassui—a name which means “far above average”, a title bestowed by Kohō Kakumyo ( 1271-1361) who was one of many renowned Dharma-masters Bassui encountered along the way to full Self-realization. His own discussions with monks and nuns as well as lay adepts have been compiled under what has come to be known as ‘Mud and Water’, or Wadeigassui which is part of a longer title indicating that the talks originated from the city of Enzan where Bassui was to become abbot of Kōgakuji Temple. We will soon discover, though, that Bassui abhorred “titles” and any manner of regimented religious institutionalized settings. By and large he was a zen-recluse who developed a most genuine insight into what it means to own one’s Buddha-nature. Also, the series of “talks” we will be encountering are not “formalized Dharma-teachings” but rather more along the lines of Dharshan, a Sanskrit term meaning ‘auspicious encounters’ with a revered spiritual master. Before entering into Bassui’s Dharshan sessions some biographical notes are in order. read more

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Mud and Water

Another monk stepped out and said: “I have already been able to meditate on emptiness.”

Bassui responded: “Tell me how you meditate on emptiness.” read more

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