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Cosmic Bodhifield

  Ten: Cosmic Bodhifield The Buddha asked Subhuti, “In ancient times when the Tathagata practiced under Buddha Dipankara, did he attain any Dharma?” Subhuti answered, “No, World-Honored One. In ancient times when the Tathagata was practicing under Buddha Dipankara, he did not attain any Dharma.” “What do you think, Subhuti? Does a bodhisattva create a serene and beautiful Buddha field?” “No, World-Honored One. Why? To create a serene and beautiful Buddha- field Read more [...]

The Beautiful Land

Growing-up as a small kid in the 1960’s was truly a magical experience—there were muses everywhere—as captured within the music of that era. Nearby where I lived at the time, there used to be a secret passage in a smaller wooded area just off from the main woods—we used to call this wooded area “the little jungle”—anyway, walking through this secret passage would actually bring you out into a beautiful, bright, and vibrant field…literally vibrating with color and texture, complete Read more [...]

Field of Dreams

This vast throng of spectators is in total awe of the Buddha, sitting majestically upon his royal Lion throne. As they circumambulate-round him clockwise seven times, they lay down at his feet a spectacular parasol (a canopy): As soon as all these precious parasols had been laid down, suddenly, by the miraculous power of the Lord, they were transformed into a single precious canopy so great that it formed a covering for this entire billion-world galaxy. The surface of the entire billion-world Read more [...]