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(23) The Teacher

Although Life and all phenomena makes your present Mind believe there is something that is called life and thus teaches you the actuality of the four noble truths , the true nature of Mind is not to be found in phenomena nor in 'life' as such but more in that which wondrously precedes Life and hence external and internal phenomena. With this in Mind, the wise and sincere Mind, who wishes to escape suffering and all forms of dissatisfaction in the great sea of transient phenomena, Read more [...]

(14) An Auspicious Mirror

Your true nature is an auspicious light. Your body is but one of its many creations. And yet, it can become a sleeping giant unaware of itself, ensnared by the apparent beauty or ugliness of its creations; an inversion of light that divides itself within the prism of the skandhas, thus forgetting the true power and nature of its own self. In one single thought the Mind of your spirit creates a thousand dharma realities and a myriad dharmas within these realities. It also can create that Read more [...]

(12) The Tathagata

The undivided and real body of the Mind, the Tathagata is unborn. This "unborn-ness", is a non-tangible and indestructible essence with a highly dynamic and animative self-nature of sheer productiveness. Was it not so you would not be able to walk and much less conceive thoughts or even enabling the "act" of talking. Yet, we should be careful in that we do not try to think of it as one self or many selves. It is by virtue hence also known as the One Mind, [Huang Po], the Buddha Mind, The Read more [...]

No Favoritism

If you want the Buddhamind to reveal ITself, Don’t play any favorites. Entrapped in the middle between agreeable and objectionable, The result is a mind-disease. Mind is sufficient unto Itself. Caught in the game of favoritism, one produces an unnecessary tension, becoming entrapped much like when Mañjuśri temporarily engaged dualism and found himself dwarfed by two iron mountains (ref to Huang-po’s allusion). This dwarfness is an apt image as Mind reduces Its Stature when engaging Read more [...]

(4) IT

Like the moon above your heads. Such is the Buddha Mind or your true nature. Reflecting itself in the waters of your desires and dependent origination. By its power and your deluded desires you have formed a false body. Thus, you abide in this entrapment. You are nothing but a dream of the Buddhas. With all that follows it. Great suffering and brief periods of joy. Through eons and eons. Until the final awakening. So why don’t you realize the impermanent nature of this dream. Read more [...]

Don’t take it Personally

Self-centeredness  One day, the Master addressed the assembly: "All delusions, without exception, are created as a result of self-centeredness. When you're free from self-centeredness, delusions won't be produced. For example, suppose your neighbors are having a quarrel: if you're not personally involved, you just hear what's going on and don't get angry. Not only do you not get angry, but you can plainly tell the rights and wrongs of the case—it's clear to you as you listen who's Read more [...]