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The Rat of the Vital Wind

The end of 2020 was just as momentous of the end of 2019 with the death of my parents. My much beloved male Tonkinese Cat died from cancer. I was devastated. He is dearly missed by me and his surviving 11 year-old sister. They both were raised by me as kittens. She cries-out for him on a daily basis, searching around the house in vain for his departed presence. You have to realize that for me as a celibate these beloved creatures are more than just pets—pets are what you call goldfish perhaps but these are my daily companions. It’s been hard for me to begin anew with my monthly regimen of writing here on the Unborn Mind Zen blog. Recently, though, I was curled up with a good book in my gas-heated outside hermitage which bars the door to the frigid winter climate. The book’s title is Obscure Religious Cults, by S.D. Gupta. My volume is a heavy leather-bound edition. I began taking up the text earlier last year with the intention of one day offering a blog series on this marvelous work. The first passage I turned to while sitting in my hermitage read, read more

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