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The primordial Dragon Race was a spiritual race, spiritual in a true sense as through incalculable kalpas their Dragon Minds transcended the phenomenal realm with the antecedent liberative technique called the Dark Dharma. They catalogued their spiritual ascension by describing the ten-bhumic stages, culminating in the great Dharma Cloud, or Dharmamegha. Now motionless and having obtained Right-Release from all former sensate-attachments, they were free to fully recollect the inner workings bearing the mark: Noble Wisdom. This miraculous and undivided self-realization fostered a spiritual gestation within their Dragon Minds known as the Bodhigotra, wherein the pure and immaculate unborn tathatic seed took root. Properly nurtured through sambodhi, the germination process procured spiritual children termed Bodhigotratvas. The Bodhigotratvas’ mission was to instill Buddhagnosis by implanting bodhi-seeds in corrupted mindfields so as to initiate the Bodhigotra gestation in hopes that similar spiritual progeny would be spawned. read more

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