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The Inconceivable Master

"World-Honored One, the cycle of birth and death [samsara] is based on the Tathagata-embryo. Because of the Tathagata-embryo, the beginning [of samsara] cannot be known. World-Honored One, if one says that because there is the Tathagata-embryo there is samsara, he speaks well.  "World-Honored One, the cycle of birth and death means the cessation of the sense faculties and the immediate arising of new sense faculties. World-Honored One, the two dharmas, birth and death, are the Tathagata-embryo Read more [...]

The Nescience Entrenchment

(Death of Nescience:medusainfurs) “World-Honored One, to say that the Arhats and Pratyekabuddhas now they are no more subject to future existence does not mean that they have eradicated all defilements or that they know all their rebirth. Why? The Arhats and Pratyekabuddhas still have some residual defilements not yet eradicated; therefore, they cannot know all their rebirths.  "There are two kinds of defilements: underlying defilements and active defilements." The underlying defilements Read more [...]

The Yogācarā Connection

(Hakeda) c. The Relationships Between Enlightenment and Nonenlightenment  Two relationships exist between the enlightened and nonenlightened states. They are “identity” and “nonidentity.”  (1) Identity  Just as pieces of various kinds of pottery are of the same nature in that they are made of clay, so the various magic-like manifestations (māyā) of both enlightenment (anāsrava: nondefilement) and nonenlightenment (avidyā) are aspects of the same essence, Suchness. For Read more [...]