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The School of the Spirit

All mundane desires are shadows in the diseased fancies of man. The crazed rush after these illusive mad dreams of false happiness only leads to the awaiting charnel house of unfulfillment. Why do these carnal worldlings linger in this substanceless affair? Because the quest itself has become the substitute for quiescence in the Unborn. Unable to rest in IT, endless discontent reigns supreme at the expense of the only True Reality. read more

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Bodhisattva Maitreya

The Benevolent Bodhisattva Maitreya arose from his seat in the sacred assembly, bowed and then prostrated himself at the feet of the Tathagata and then circumambulated about him three times to the right. He then knelt down and with hands clasped in a manner depicting sublime devotion, invoked the Blessed One. read more

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Hungry Ghosts

Those who decidedly cling to their unfulfilled sensual desires are like Hungry Ghosts never having their fill. An eternal feast on crumbs that never satisfy. They are the spiritually famished who continually open their rancid dry-mouths in dire yearnings for just a taste of something that would fulfill their insatiable thirst. They even begin to feed upon each other in some languorous hope of filling up their despondent emptiness. Thus does the demon of sexual perversion lord it over our sickened, diseased and weary culture. All of these appetites are wearisome because they agitate and weary the spirit just as the wind disturbs the calm surface of the ocean. Oh how these voracious sensual appetites consume the unwary soul! An endless eating-away at their nothingness like an incurable itch until they are freed from being bound by the tortuous cords of the rack. read more

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(44) Spiritual Prosperity

Are you one who freely chooses your actions based on right knowledge of self?

Or are you someone who is merely chosen by the actions of others in relation to what you conceive as self? read more

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(41) An Alien Spirit

For those who worship the infinite creations of obstructed, alien spirits,
there can only be suffering [pain, alienation, depression and
despair]. read more

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(34) The Siren’s Call

Obsessed with the body and all things that belong to the body, most beings in this world try to feed these specific needs of the false Lord in any way possible. read more

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(33) Faster than the Speed of Light

Today, many believe the Buddha is found in their brain
and not in the imageless and instantaneous noble wisdom
of complete self-recollection and self-gnosis, residing
unanimously and all-present in their hearts. read more

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(27) Karma

While you practice the dharma (The singular law of the One Mind),
in your encounters with others, you should not judge their actions
but patiently observe the unfolding of their karma and how they
relate to it. read more

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The Destruction of Screens

The Destruction of  Screens:

A man who humbly enters on the path
Holds a begging bowl to help all beings
How can he crave for those sense data
Through which he falls into five passions?
He has rejected five desires
On which he now has turned his back.
Why should he then revive them
Like one who eats his vomit!
Hardship is caused by seeking objects of
Desire which are a source of dread when won;
When lost, they create grief and resentment, ‘
~ None of them ever can bring happiness~;
This is the trouble which desires confer.
The problem is to cast them all away
So that real bliss in dhyana-samadhi can be
Enjoyed whilst deception disappears for evermore… read more

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(17) Darkness

The times of great darkness and confusion have begun.

These are times of great lies and misdirection.

Many will step forth proclaiming various miracles
and spiritual accomplishments from a deep and empty new age well. read more

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