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Artwork by Tim Verhoeven

Metempsychosis is an early philosophical term referring to the transmigration of the soul, explicitly its reincarnation after death. Derived from Greek philosophy it is an earlier indicator that some separate ontological being transmigrates lifetime after lifetime. Theistic religions insist that there exists an individual substantial entity that constitutes the groundwork for all “personal experiences” that speculates on the continuation of said sentient being at the postmortem point. Thus the belief in personal immortality. There are more moderate stances that disengage from such speculative positions on the continuation of a “person”. Of course, within Unborn Mind Zen we know that when the five skhandas are disbanded, there no longer is any semblance of some assumed personage. This is more in league with Buddhaic traditions which never consider that sentitalia concerns some concrete “somebody” but rather some form of process that spontaneously appears on the backdrop of the universe. Hence, as a mere impersonal phenomenon, rather than somehow separately existing. This has everything to do with the process of individuation, which incidentally occurs at the earliest formal manifestation. read more

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The Sacrifice is the Thing

Vedic Origins of the Karmic Doctrine and Rebirth

Before becoming a doctrinal formulation in the early Upanisads, karma had its antecedent roots in ancient Vedic ritual constructions: read more

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