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Eye of the Dragon

A Dreamy-Dance of the Gandharvas,
Are Fleeting-shadows that cannot be embraced.
Thoughts of rightness or wrongness,
Let them be gone with quick dispatch. read more

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Manufactured Dreams

There is no-other teaching apart from the One-Vehicle,
The ones in ignorance only become attached to their own chatter.
If you try to use Mind to cultivate Mind,
The Mind would dissolve Itself. read more

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A Blessing or a Curse


“My teaching isn’t concerned with either self-power or other-power: that which transcends both self-power and other-power, that’s what my teaching is about. Let me prove this to you: While everyone is turned this way to hear me saying this, out back there may be sparrows chirping, crows cawing, the voices of men or women, or the sighing of the wind. But, without your deliberately trying to hear every one of those sounds, each of them comes to you clearly recognized and distinguished. It’s not you doing the hearing, so it’s not a matter of self-power. On the other hand, since you can’t very well have someone else do your hearing for you, you couldn’t call it other-power! So, that which isn’t concerned with self-power or other-power but transcends them both is what my teaching is about. Isn’t that right? When you listen this way with the Unborn, you transcend whatever there is. And all the rest of your activities are perfectly managed like this with the Unborn too. For the man who functions with the Unborn, whoever he may be, all things are perfectly managed. So, whoever he is, the man of the Unborn isn’t concerned with either self-power or other-power, but transcends them both.” read more

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