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Entering the Garbha-Self

Number Twelve is the flagship chapter for the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra; it further details the True Nature of the Self and then highlights its salvific context as, “After hearing this sutra one thereupon understands that all living beings possess Buddha-nature, and this is the reason why I expound the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra.” Chapter 12: On the Nature of the Tathagata (Yamamoto-Page translation): Kasyapa said to the Buddha: "O World-Honoured One! Is there Self in the 25 existences Read more [...]

To Tell the Truth

For Baby-Boomers the old TV Game-Show, To Tell the Truth, has some fond memories, in particular during its Black & White heydays from the mid-50’s into the mid-60’s. Its inception runs as follows: The show features a panel of four celebrities whose object is the correct identification of a described contestant who has an unusual occupation or experience. This central character is accompanied by two impostors who pretend to be the central character; together, the three persons are said Read more [...]

Yoga is the remedy for transcending the Kharmadhatu

2.39 The foundation for your Self-realization has been laid. Now put on the Mantle of the Yogic Enterprise that can free your mind from its karmic-prison. Up to this point Arjuna has been taught the key to Self-realization. Now the Blessed One will offer the beginning of yogic-techniques that can help to reinforce the Recollective Resolve. This is an introduction to karma-yoga in the Gita. Through yogic actions Arjuna’s resolution in upholding the Dharma can be sustained. While yoga within Read more [...]