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The Chan Prolegomenon: Introductory Remarks

Tsung-mi’s Chan Prolegomenon (also known as the Ch’an Preface) is a vast-work considered to be his most crowning-achievement. In it he proves himself to be a great synthetic-agent as he weaves together all the major petulant Ch’an schools of his day and age, like the Northern, Ox-Head and Hongzhou—seeking to find that one common denominator that would surmount their irreconcilable differences.  Tsung-mi was the Noble-Lamp bearer who attempted to lead them all out of the dark tunnel of Read more [...]

What Need Forgiveness?

Recently a question was asked about understanding of forgiveness from a Ch’an perspective. An aspiring Ch’an adept would learn soon enough that this is a totally meaningless question. For instance, the Diamond Sutra would ask, “Forgiveness from what and for whom?” From this realization forgiveness is a useless platitude. Even within the Catholic Confessional the priest “absolves” one from sin, but the actual “forgiveness” needs to be done by oneself, to be able to forgive oneself; Read more [...]

A Most Compassionate Light

Thereupon, the Buddha Śākyamuni emitted a ray of light from his topknot (uṣṇīṣa), the mark of a great person, and also from the tuft of white hair between his eyebrows (ūrṇā), thus illuminating all the buddha worlds in the east equal to the sands of one hundred and eight myriads of koṭis of nayutas of Ganges Rivers. Beyond this number of worlds was the buddha world called Vairocanaraśmipratimaṇḍitā. In that world was the buddha named Kamaladala Vimalanakṣatrarājasaṃkusumitābhijna, Read more [...]

The pettiness of it all

The Buddha addressed the monks, saying: “Once upon a time, immeasurable, limitless, inconceivable, incalculable kalpas ago, there was a Buddha called Mahābhijnājnānābhibhū Tathāgata, an Arhat, Completely Enlightened, Perfect in Knowledge and Conduct, Well-Departed, Knower of the World, Unsurpassed, Tamer of Humans, Teacher of Devas and Humans, Buddha, Bhagavat. His land was called Susaṃbhavā in the kalpa called Mahārūpa.  “O monks, it has been an extremely long time since this Read more [...]

Expedient Revelations

“O Śāriputra! After attaining buddhahood I expounded the teaching extensively with various explanations and illustrations, and with skillful means (upāya) led sentient beings to rid themselves of their attachments. Why is this? Because all the Tathāgatas have attained perfect mastery of skillful means, wisdom, and insight. “O Śāriputra! The wisdom and insight of the Tathāgatas is extensive, profound, immeasurable, and unhindered. They are possessed of power, fearlessness, meditation, Read more [...]


Incessant change is the product of a Self-empty World, All arising and cessating out of sheer ignorance. If you attempt to search for the true in this phantasmagoria, False will be your opinionated and deluded companions. Life is experiencing a phantasmagoric voyage while drinking a karma-float. This kaleidoscope-reality of samsara is nothing but shifting scenes littered with backdrops that bear the impression of lost joys and loves and hopes; while taking the next spin on the carousel Read more [...]

(16) Intelligence

As long as your Mind is equated and locked within the brain, its intelligence is limited to the karmic predisposition's of this brain with all the effects this have on ones spiritual health in an environment of constant uncertainty (samsara). Sure, one might say that this person is way more intelligent than the other and thus more fortunate, but a high or even extreme intelligence is never a guarantee for a happy or even satisfying life. The history of man is most certainly filled with tall Read more [...]

The Deathless

Not knowing the Way of Deathlessness, What use is there to quieten the mind. The Bodhisattva develops the fine-art of Smṛti and thus turns-about from the Moving Principle by Recollecting the Animating Impetus that is at the Very Heart of Suchness. The Bodhi-minded one does not move an inch in samsara. He now employs only the Mantle of Deathlessness. If Smṛti should ever be lost, one loses the Deathless Principle, but whoever rightfully employs it will continue to have the Deathless Read more [...]

(10) The Cloud

Because you once forgot the vast deathless sky, you once became this tiny lonely cloud. Drifting around, one amongst many others. Bound to a desire of becoming, a soaring spirit of countless desireful raindrops, you now drift over vast samsaric lands, saturating everything beneath you, like a dog, marking his personal space. But born as a cloud, you die slowly as a cloud. The more you rain, the faster the shadows beneath you bear fruit and not always good. The sky above you cannot Read more [...]

(5) The Black Dragon

When the birdcage is open and the illusion of the false bird dies the virtuous one recollects the unborn essence. Transcending the sensory addicted mind, finding the gateless gate to its original source of perfection. This is a black dragon's greatest quality and truth No delusion to reject, no things to transcend What battle can find nourishment in such an un-transforming mind? All things equal and thus sunyata, True nature luminous and vast, obstructive notions of closed or open Read more [...]
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