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Speeding-forth in All Directions


The Bodhi-Being Ananyagamin first appears at the end of the Avalokiteshvara segment, “descending from the eastern sky and standing on the top of the mountain range surrounding this world.” He tells Sudhana that he once associated with a Buddha named “Born of Universal Light.” While spending time in the majestic Buddha-land of the Buddha, he assimilated that Tathagata’s Bodhi-field thus awakening with that Self-Same Mind of Light. Being thus liberated he was enabled to “speed-forth in all directions.” This is indicative of the Light-Empowerment of such a Bodhi-field and the supernal-gnosis produced echoes forth in all ten-directions. Yet, because the Essence of this Buddha-gnosis is so omnipresent, It can extend Itself instantaneously without actually having to “speed-forth” anywhere, since It is already everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Hence, Ananyagamin was able to pass through so many Buddha-fields in one single instant of thought—yea, actually “prior-to” any thought instant: read more

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