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Where the Gods Fear to Tread

Janaka: 4.1 The Knower of Self-awareness continues to play the game of life unaffected by the vicissitudes suffered by the bewildered common herd. The Realized One is unattached to the joys and sorrows experienced by the worldlings and therefore journeys … Continue reading

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Wise Protector asked the Buddha, “World-Honored One, how do wholesome and unwholesome dharmas control the consciousness?” The Buddha answered, “Wise Protector, as an illustration, a piece of precious crystal looks white or black according to whether it is put in … Continue reading

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Gods in Buddhism?

Interesting article by Neil Schmid on the nature of the Buddhist hierarchy of divinities: Buddhism is often labeled an atheistic philosophy or religion because Buddha is not considered a god by Buddhists and no “creator god” exists. Such a conclusion … Continue reading

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