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How to Become an Arahant

1:10 (10) Bāhiya (Bāhiya Sutta)

Thus has it been made known. On one occasion the Blessed One was residing near Sāvatthī, at the Jeta Grove in Anāthapiṇḍika’s Park. On the same occasion, Bāhiya of the Bark-Cloth was living at the seashore near Suppāraka. He was highly esteemed, honored, venerated and was someone who was a recipient of robes, alms, lodgings and medicine in case of sickness. read more

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The Inexplicable

Photo by Kevin Krejci

7. The Inexplicable

[The following chapter is a paraphrase of the Divine Teachings of Samantabhadrī in her own singular fashion, as witnessed by this channel of her love.] read more

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