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Vasuki: You’ve been aware of Naga-Gnosis for quite some time. Vajragoni: How did I come to this Gnosis? Vasuki: By continually shedding your old skin, so to speak. Coming out of your habits and associations into a transmuted being. You … Continue reading

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Turn-About and Return to the Root-Source for direct signification; If you pursue outward appearances you will lose IT. True Reality is inward-bound, Surmounting the images embedded in their empty abyss. Direct Self-realization of the Source opens the root to the … Continue reading

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(7) Liberation

How may one attain enlightenment and liberation from suffering in this very life of imprisonment? If you wish a clear answer and understanding, then pay close attention to the following: Let the Unborn Mind Essence unfold itself on its own … Continue reading

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