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Hungry Ghosts

Those who decidedly cling to their unfulfilled sensual desires are like Hungry Ghosts never having their fill. An eternal feast on crumbs that never satisfy. They are the spiritually famished who continually open their rancid dry-mouths in dire yearnings for just a taste of something that would fulfill their insatiable thirst. They even begin to feed upon each other in some languorous hope of filling up their despondent emptiness. Thus does the demon of sexual perversion lord it over our sickened, diseased and weary culture. All of these appetites are wearisome because they agitate and weary the spirit just as the wind disturbs the calm surface of the ocean. Oh how these voracious sensual appetites consume the unwary soul! An endless eating-away at their nothingness like an incurable itch until they are freed from being bound by the tortuous cords of the rack. read more

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