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The Fifth Tower: The Silkworm

By now one can realize that Teresa’s Interior Castle is a treatise on profound Unitive Mysticism. What she has been revealing are the later stages of the interior spiritual life. The final stages correspond to the fifth, sixth and seventh dwelling places. While the Fourth Tower was about a transitional phase from active to passive contemplation, this glorious Fifth Tower designates what Teresa refers to as the beginning of the Divine Union, or Absolute Illumination. According to her, ones task belies any form of adequate human communication for what IT is truly like: read more

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Creepy Crawlies

Before reaching the First Tower, or Teresa’s First Mansion, some more preliminary observations are in order. Towers 1-3 manifests the Active phase of Recollection, while Towers 4-7 constitute the Passive Phase of Recollection. Also 1-3 establishes what is known as the Purgative Phase of the spiritual journey, likened unto what John of the Cross would classify as the Dark Night of the Senses; 4-5 presents the Illuminative Stage, wherein the adept enters into a more supernal-realization of what still needs to be shredded (Dark Night of the Spirit) in order for union with the Absolute to occur; Towers 6-7 represent the Unitive Phase, or Absolute Coitus with the Unborn Mind. Throughout all of this, the self must continue ever-onward towards its goal of Absolute Recollection—Recognition of its self AS Self. read more

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30. Luminosity

Amitabha’s Luminous Hue

Amitabha’s Luminous Hue signifies that the Noble One’s persistence lights the Flame of Eternal Truth that radiates a billion-fold Dharma-field encompassing all dharmata. Clinging to Right Observance illuminates all thus highlighting inexhaustible spiritual principles enlightening the way to the best course of action under all circumstances. This is the good fortune of illumination that knows no bounds thus encompassing both inner and outer realms of conjunctional penetrations. read more

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10. Abundance

Amitabha Rising

The Light of Spiritual Brilliance overflows in abundance. This is Amitabha rising and his Padma-field reflects infinite Bodhi-emissions emanating from the Mind of all Tathagatas. This is the time to allow your Noble-Virtue to shine throughout this present saha world and worlds beyond. Amitabha’s symbol of ‘Fire’ represents unhindered illumination and this illumination is now meant to be employed. read more

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(25) The Prisoner

The best sign of knowing that you really have entered the true spiritual principle of the Buddhadharma is that in the beginning all hell breaks loose. Your ordinary life and mind seems at times turned upside down. read more

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(4) IT

Like the moon above your heads.
Such is the Buddha Mind or your true nature.
Reflecting itself in the waters of your desires and dependent origination.
By its power and your deluded desires you have formed a false body.
Thus, you abide in this entrapment.
You are nothing but a dream of the Buddhas.
With all that follows it.
Great suffering and brief periods of joy.
Through eons and eons.
Until the final awakening.
So why don’t you realize the impermanent nature of this dream.
If you seek proof, watch how it moves your hands or tongue.
Even heartbeats and breath.
Always there, one step ahead.
Watch IT illuminate countless thoughts and Secret Dreams.
By refusing to realize this, you are getting deeper and deeper into that inevitable web of pain. read more

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iii. 3. First-range Samadhi

3.3 Total Mind Absorption

Swami Venkatesananda translates this sutra as:

When the field of observation and the observing intelligence merges as if their own form is abolished and the total intelligence shines as the sole substance or reality, there is pure choiceless awareness without the divided identity of the observer and the observed – that is illumination. read more

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