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Contemplating the mystery – Part 3

Without true Jhana [1], the Imageless reality of Zen remains a lifeless mystery. Because it is lifeless to any worldling devoting its mind to follow images of a myriad shapes and functions, it carries no attraction to them since they refuse consciously or subconsciously be Mind-full (of its nature). What has no [force/light of] life, is empty of Truth, and what is empty of truth brings inevitably misery and suffering to the mind. Spirit [2] defiled, means birth and death, while Spirit that Read more [...]

The Void of IT

In ITs Totality IT is like the Great Void, Lacking nothing, and not self-indulgent. When you discriminate, you miss IT, As such, IT’s Suchness is lost. Let-go of conditions, Forget about Emptiness. Resting serenely in the Unborn, Dualistic Dreams are long forgotten. Huang Po once said that people are afraid of emptying their mind lest they plunge into the void, failing to recognize that their own Mind IS the void. This Void of which he speaks is not some objective “other” Read more [...]