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Slaying the Beast

There is no greater enemy than one’s own thoughts run amok. The Dhammapada is layered with imagery that depicts this mental predicament, such as ‘what one thinks one becomes.’ Evola utilizes passages whose task is to arrest and erase these wanton beasts of the mind: "As a fletcher straightens his arrow, so a wise man straightens his flickering and unstable thought, which is difficult to guard, difficult to hold."   "As a fish taken from his world of water and thrown on dry land, so Read more [...]

Notes from the Iron Stupa: Epilogue

Stupa Image from the Doog Diaries The Black Ngagspa lost all evil intent after witnessing Schäfer’s Vajrasattvic Empowerment—indeed, it was as if the Sacred Action had suctioned-off any and all residuals of malice—and his role in the scheme of the evil Lord of Agarthi was apparently over, but for one thing…in a twisted maneuver his former Dark Lord had been witnessing these events unfold nearby—such was his astral prowess. He may have lost his novice to the Buddhaic-Light, but he Read more [...]

Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa

Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa Hello all. Blogging resumes again here at Unborn Mind Zen. Last year at this time work began presenting The Tathatagarbhatara Tantra, a work that essentially was an exercise in Mahayoga wherein the aspiring mind adept witnessed the Tantric Consecration of the Nirvanic Element that is the Real Dharma-Realm implanted as a Seven-fold Supra-Mandala within one’s inmost self. Prior to this (2012) a vast work on Atiyoga, The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead, Read more [...]
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