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Akshobhya—the Magician of the Sacred Vajra

IT is neither going nor standing still Neither static, nor dynamic Neither substance nor nonsubstance Neither appearance nor emptiness The nature of all things, like space Is without any movement. One may call IT “space” But IT is empty of any essence And as such it transcends definitions Such as real or unreal Existent or nonexistent Or anything else Thus not the slightest distinction exists Between space, the mind, and intrinsic reality Only their designations Read more [...]

The Real-In-Truth

If it were not this way, The Truth would not be worth preserving. The All IS All, In the All you see AS ALL If you come-round and do IT There is no more worry about wanting to see the Absolute. The Truth-In-Mind is not about Twoness, Faith in the Truth supersedes all biases. Words and language without Mind are pitiful and frail, For the Real-In-Truth is sans past, sans present, sans future… The Way of the Real and Unborn Mind is not a divided-one. Truth is having Faith Read more [...]

Absolute Faith

Enter into IT with full accord, In this fashion, the twin Iron Mountains will not hem you in. Simply saying, “Not-Two”, all things are resolved in the Unborn. Everything is now perfectly accommodated. The Shining Ones in all ten-directions, Faithfully abide in this Principle. This Absolute Faith transcends all time and space, One flash is as ten-thousand years. Being in-IT fulfills all other spiritual-disciplines. Being in-IT the twin-mountains of dualism have no more power Read more [...]

(32) The Dharma Wiz of OZ

IT cannot move, thus it is utterly dynamic [transformable]. IT ACT's on your command and hence the Unborn mind mantra, 'what the mind focuses on determines its reality', proves itself at each breath or at each image you glance upon or madly desire. If you decide to make a simple assertion or even utter a sudden curse in your mouth, you have transformed it and manifested it as an empty image, devoid of the Unborn Mind Essence. This is indeed a miracle in itself, yet as you have used it so Read more [...]

No More Light, No More Darkness…

No-thing is anywhere to be found; No-thing has the power to Recollect. The Darkness of the Void is Lucid and Bright. No dark stain of corporeity soils the Luminous Mind. IT is not a realm of constricted cognition; Yea, not a Realm of narrow-reason, emotion and spoiled imagination. In the Kingdom of True Suchness, Tathata, Where are the traces of light or darkness? No-thing-ness can withstand the awesome Translucent Light of the Unborn. Only the Dharmakayic-Spirit of Suchness Read more [...]

(21) AS IT IS

To get beyond thought patterns and other forms of desires that are manifested in the ever-changing canvas of your body consciousness, requires power. I speak of pure undivided awareness power. This singular energy of your own true-self cannot be found in this world nor in any other. So where then is this mysterious power to be found, in that your Mind does not keep playing any more tricks to yourself? There is much Zen in this, a form of Zen unknown to most, even those Read more [...]


Turn-About and Return to the Root-Source for direct signification; If you pursue outward appearances you will lose IT. True Reality is inward-bound, Surmounting the images embedded in their empty abyss. Direct Self-realization of the Source opens the root to the full flowering of Bodhi. The Zen Masters of old devised a little formula to help bypass any peripheral impediments. Investigating the hua t’ou is cracking-open the “Word Head”,E.g., keeping focus on That which is prior Read more [...]

The Void of IT

In ITs Totality IT is like the Great Void, Lacking nothing, and not self-indulgent. When you discriminate, you miss IT, As such, IT’s Suchness is lost. Let-go of conditions, Forget about Emptiness. Resting serenely in the Unborn, Dualistic Dreams are long forgotten. Huang Po once said that people are afraid of emptying their mind lest they plunge into the void, failing to recognize that their own Mind IS the void. This Void of which he speaks is not some objective “other” Read more [...]

(8) Reverence

Reverence should not necessarily take place before one who requires allegiance with reference to supreme mortal age, cultural or worldly position. But to whom or what do I pay reverence? Know then that he who stands face to face with the body or manifestation of a fully awakened mind, should realize that he is and will be younger then that mind, despite the age of that mind's corporeal or spiritual manifestation. This until his own bodhi-child is born and the marvelous transfer between Read more [...]

(4) IT

Like the moon above your heads. Such is the Buddha Mind or your true nature. Reflecting itself in the waters of your desires and dependent origination. By its power and your deluded desires you have formed a false body. Thus, you abide in this entrapment. You are nothing but a dream of the Buddhas. With all that follows it. Great suffering and brief periods of joy. Through eons and eons. Until the final awakening. So why don’t you realize the impermanent nature of this dream. Read more [...]
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