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The Wonderment of the Self-Actualizing Mind

6. The Wonderment of the Self-Actualizing Mind Then the [Supreme Source], mind of perfect purity, gave this sermon [in which She declared] that the perfection of all things rests in Her (Samantabhadrī) own being: "Oh great bodhisattva, listen to these words! I am the [Supreme Source], and I have arranged all things from the primordial. I made the things apparent. I will show you My actuating essence. After I show you My own being I shall point out its meaning in words, and sounds, and Read more [...]

Karma and Rebirth

This January series will be a systematic study on Karma and Rebirth. We will consider the topic from many different perspectives, essentially broken down in the following schemata: Vedic Origins Early Buddhist Unborn Bhagavad Gita The Yogasūtras of Patañjali Mahayana and Yogacara Dependent Origination and the Tibetan View While the definition of Karma will be a comprehensive one, it is best at this junction to construct a working delineation: A volitional action (ontologically Read more [...]

The Moon Parable

The Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra makes excellent use of parables in order to construct analogies as to the True Buddha Nature. The Moon Parable stands out in analogizing how the cycles of the Moon reflect the perennial nature of the Tathagata. Chapter 15: The Moon Parable (Charles Patton translation): The Buddha told Kasyapa, "It is just like when people see the moon not appear and say 'The moon has disappeared!' and think that it has disappeared. Yet, the moon's nature really has not disappeared. Read more [...]

This is the destiny of most sentient minds…

Desire-Thought-Function. The creation of one enables the latter, ad-infinitum. From the first to the last and from the last back to the first. This is depicted in the image above showing the minds many, many ways and ability to manifest this process in its countless permutations, all of them without the slightest flaw, or mercy, prolonging the presence of Samsara and not Nirvana in the mind´s  own reality, the Dharmakaya. Hence where there is Dharmakaya, the mind sees and experiences Samsara Read more [...]

The Karma Factor

            Amazing Art by Daniel Martin Diaz Being reborn in the hell-realms is based upon the degree of negative-karma to warrant such a rebirth. This karmic-principle is merciless and irrevocable. As the Dhammapada teaches, you are what you think, and what you think leads to actions and in so doing one can reap much bitter fruit if those actions are wrongfully-conceived and administered. This is not just limited to human beings but also to inhabitants of the god-realms as well. Yea, any Read more [...]

The Zen that is quicker than lightning.

Once upon a time a good mind of the way transported its body to a supposed place of a great Mind Master,  as to inquire into the mystery of the Buddhadharma. Once its body, and main source of self-reliance, reached the peak of a high mountain, there inside a cave with no external light reaching in, the Mind Master awaited the students arrival in IT´s usual state of mahasamadhi, granting the student the karmic vision of an old withered body in a worn out robe, sitting comfortably behind Read more [...]

One Dark Night

John of the Cross utilizes the first few stanzas of his poem, The Dark Night of the Soul, as a medium in which to better understand The Ascent. Darkness is a metaphor for the complete mortification of the senses. To deprive oneself of the gratification of the appetite for all sensate phenomena, the disease of desire is cessated. In Buddhism this has to do with Āyatana, or everything under the sphere of the senses: *eye and visible objects *ear and sound *nose and odor *tongue and taste *body Read more [...]

The Mind of Zen

When it comes to matters of Spirit, and the innate Mind animating its will; Great minds discuss ideas around its true nature, relying solely on the light of its absolute reality as origin of their wisdom. Average minds discuss events around its illusory appearances; and finally -  Small minds discuss people who like them are caught in its created maelstrom of birth and death. If you cannot understand this, or much less accept it, know then that where there is no division [of Mind], there Read more [...]

Karmic Affinity

Robert Stewart “Within the teachings it is said that it is easy for one to believe if the karmic relationship with the teacher is right, and it is easy to enter if the karmic connection to the Way is right. Then no matter how hard I practice the kensho road to realization, I could not be expected to reach satori if my past karma were not right. Should I first try to practice a way that would set my karma right?”  Bassui: "It is evident that some people have a karmic inclination for the Read more [...]

This great mystery called Mind

When pursuing your Minds true nature, what you review as precious experience born out of decades of trial and error, is all but an illusion. Unborn Mind, primordial Mind, uncreated Mind, your true nature, cannot be bargained with, pleaded with, tricked or otherwise made to show itself to something impure, because the latter is what your Spirit imagines itself by eons of errors to be, which is something empty of truth and hence out of phase with truth absolute, which your Unborn Mind is. In Read more [...]