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Manifestation of Universal Purification


Sudhana’s next Transcendent Exposure is with the monk named Saradhvaja.

He saw Saradhvaja by the side of a place for walking at a retreat, sitting in
concentration, following his breath, not stirring, not thinking, his body
straight, his mindfulness on the immediate present, by the inconceivable
power of concentration producing to the left, right, and above an inconceivable infinite body in each successive mental moment manifesting an infinite variety of bodies. Sudhana saw an inconceivable miraculous display of the liberation of enlightening beings coming forth from every pore of the
ecstatic body of Saradhvaja, who had attained such profound tranquility,
silence, and objectlessness. With this miraculous display of the medium of
liberation, Saradhvaja filled the cosmos moment to moment with endless
varieties of mystic projections, to perfect all beings, to honor all buddhas, to
purify all buddha-fields, to do away with the mass of suffering of all sentient
beings, to cut off the courses of all bad conditions, to open the door to good
conditions for all beings, to extinguish the burning of afflictions of all
beings, to dissolve all beings’ obstructions to knowledge, and to introduce
all beings into omniscience. read more

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