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Monastery of the Mind

You make reference on your homepage that this is a “little electronic refuge and monastery”…How is this so? read more

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Dharmakaya Abbey

                      Dharmakaya Abbey

Located in the heart of the Mohawk Valley on 7.8 beautiful acres of land, Dharmakaya-Abbey offers a monastic-venue for individual and group retreats in a relaxing setting that is conducive for peaceful and meditative repose. The monastic-rhythm of the day provides a contemplative dimension in which retreatants and guests are invited to observe and participate in the monk’s devotion to the Five Dhyāni Buddhas. Traditionally, these Buddhas represent the Five-Wisdoms of the Dharma-Body (Transcendent Truth Body–Dharmakaya) that signify principles of Enlightenment in Buddhism. The rhythm of the monastic-day revolves around these Principal Buddhas of Meditation: Akshobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Vairocana Buddhas; also, the daily recitation of The Little Office of Our Lady of the Void. Once a week (usually on Sunday) the monks celebrate a liturgical-setting, the Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva, which is offered in the Abbey’s chapel. read more

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