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Turning-back Home

[Cleary]: The appearance of objects to humans is thought; thought expresses what is imagined.  There is no object; it is only thought; without imagination, one is freed. Close in conjunction with the motto of a Lankavatarian: What the mind focuses … Continue reading

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The Generation and Cultivation of the Bodhi-Seed

Chapter Six: The True Nature of the Void, Con’t Sariputra said, “[As the spiritual path of] all sentient beings begin as iccantikas (persons blocked from enlightenment). In order to attain the [level of] the tathagatas’ and the tathagatas’ absolute characteristics … Continue reading

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Thought vs. Self


iv. 18-22 The Self is the Master over all thought-constructions. 4.18 The changeless Selfhood of spirit is Master over the churning of incessant thoughts. Thought being constructed out of the phenomenal mind-stuff is inferior to the Self that is Self-Luminous … Continue reading

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