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The Śrāvakian Stream

“Furthermore, Śāriputra, when Tathāgata Akhobhya expounds the Dharma, he can skillfully subdue countless sentient beings, making them all attain Arhatship; numerous are those who will dwell in the meditation of the eightfold liberation. read more

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The Lesser-Streams

Nine: The Lesser-Streams

[*This section must be prefaced noting the outstanding source of the translation: The Diamond Sutra {Chin-Kang-Ching} or Prajna-Paramita translated from the Chinese with an introduction and notes by William Gemmell. This was published in 1912 and is now available through re-print editions. A PDF of the original is now uploaded in our texts section. It is chosen for this particular section since it defines terms like Scrotapatti right along in the verse itself. Gemmell’s translation is an indispensible tool that highlights refined nuances (through excellent footnotes) that empowers one to have a greater in-depth appreciation of the source material.] read more

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