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The Prodigal Sons

The thing that strikes me most about the parable in Chapter 4, the “‘Buddhist’ Prodigal Son”, is that it is told to the Buddha (instead of vice-versa) by four of his most loyal disciples, Subhuti, Maha Katyayana, MahaMaudgalyayana and particularly by Mahākāśyapa. Two of them are well-known, Subhuti, who often plays a prominent role in sutras, in particular the Diamond Sutra, and of course, Mahākāśyapa, who was the first one to receive “Dharma-Mind transmission” from Gautama Buddha. Like devoted adepts on a long spiritual-journey, they were late in coming to realize their own share in “Buddha-nature”, yet their devotion to principles within the Buddhadharma led many to become enlightened. Hence, this parable is truly about them and other “devoted ones”, who at first without the added benefit of the Marvelous Bodhi-Pearl of Noble Wisdom, eventually progress through various spiritual-stages before setting their sights on the ultimate prize. read more

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