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A Phantom Elephant

  1. If such errors were granted, it would not be possible to talk about the non-existence of self-substance; as the nature of reality is erroneously understood, there is something perceived where there is really no self-substance; all is indeed non-existent.

When the Lanka uses the term substance, it does not denote the stuff that makes up the apparent base of the material world. It has more significant value as an esoteric-metaphor reflecting the unconditioned Mind. The real-stuff of the Mind-set is an imageless substance. This is why Huang Po once warned not to utilize the Mind-set to conceptualize, in essence being encased in formal-ideations, but rather to stay perpetually-present to the Substance of the One and Undivided Unborn Buddha Mind. As the Zennist eloquently writes: read more

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Right-Side Conception and Birth

Radich writes that there is a problem of maternity concerning the Buddha’s apparent corporeal birth. The MPNMS (Mahāparinirvāṇa-mahāsūtra) says: read more

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