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(13) Mara

In Buddhism and many other religions, Mara symbolizes that collective and obstructive dark force generated by dark desires and ignorance of all sentient beings. read more

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This is another excerpt from the 1909 work, The Path of Light. By today’s standards the language is archaic, yet unlike today’s standards it has not been intellectualized and neutered and watered-down from its full import; yes, there was a time when the message was clear and not afraid to voice the eternal truths…there’s true passion in them thar words… read more

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The Descent of Adi-Buddha Samantabhadra

The Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra

Verily, I take refuge in the Buddha, for imageless is the Tathagata—who cannot be seen by mortal eyes…  read more

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Refuge and Sacred Empowerment

It is customary to approach a Sacred Tantra by invoking Spiritual Refuge and Spiritual Empowerment, both tools that help to prepare and protect the adept’s spirit/mind from all harm; procure an inner-cleansing, as well as opening the channels of discernment for Divine Union. read more

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Taking Refuge

Receiving the signless precepts through the recitation of the three refuges


“Having finished repentance, I shall give you the formless precepts of the three refuges.” read more

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