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The Power of the Great

34. The Power of the Great

Vairochana the Cosmic Buddha

Vairochana is the Cosmic Master, the Matrix of the Buddha Sun and is representative of the unobstructed field of the Dharmakaya. His greatness consists in upholding the Dharmakayic Element within man and his Dharmachakra-mudra keeps the great teaching wheel of the Buddhadharma in motion. The hexagram reveals that you have internalized his efficacious Dharma-strength through the contemplation of higher Primordial Principles. read more

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Mural by R. Anguiano

27. Sustenance

Amoghasiddhi the Sustainer

The hexagram illustrates being fed by a Higher Source for all of one’s sustainable needs: Amoghasiddhi the Sustainer. As Lord of Karmic-Action Amoghasiddhi draws and provides the sustenance necessary to withstand and thwart all the designs of the evil one. Spiritually, stillness nurtures action. In the dark-womb the spiritual child lies quite still as it develops into a bodhisattva of adamantine beauty and grace. read more

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Preponderance of the Small

18. Preponderance of the Small

Amoghasiddhi’s Stillpoint

The mind needs to be emptied of all superfluous extractions emanating from the temporal order for the preponderance of the primordial order to take ascendancy within the very heart of stillness Itself—Amoghasiddhi’s Stillpoint. This is the hidden-point of Light enshrouded with Divine Darkness, a darkness that is more incredibly luminous and thus outshining the garish-light of the noon-day sun. read more

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8. Synchroneity

Ratnasambhava Dominant

Ratnasambhava dominant is an auspicious sign that everything is now working in synchronous accord, a good omen for the spirit of equanimity. In order for this time to flow unhindered adherence to according with what is right and what is real is essential for the basis of true reality, this is known as upholding the flag of the Element of Truth. The basis here is Akshobhya’s primordial and Mirror-like-Wisdom that empowers one to discern that the Dharmadhatu is ever-present and permeates all. read more

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