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True Understanding

The Middle-Way embodies the profound understanding that the Unborn Buddha Mind transcends any form of conceptualization. In the sacred scriptures of the Dhammapada, a poignant question arises, “Can the fleeting nature of the mind truly remember the essence of Mind?” How can something devoid of a fixed identity, and therefore incomplete, ever aspire to reach the majestic heights of That which exists before all forms of existence? Mind, in its purest form, recollects itself. It is a force that is neither brought into being nor diminished, but rather an eternal essence that remains untainted and unblemished. read more

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An Arcanum of Intuition

As I continued my journey along the winding road, a breathtaking scene unfolded before my eyes. The once gloomy sky had transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors, as the heavy clouds gracefully dispersed, allowing the radiant sun to cast its golden rays upon the horizon. The road ahead seemed to glow with an ethereal luminosity, beckoning me to venture further. read more

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