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Powers of Transformation

iii. 21-34 Transformational Capacities 3.21 Through sustained sanyama on the Rūpakaya, the Yogi is rendered indiscernible by the carnally refracted-eye of the perceiver. Perception of phenomena requires light that is filtered and refracted by the observer’s eye. The ancient Yogins discovered that by intercepting light and rendering it barely visible to the carnal eye, one’s Rūpakaya (physical body) as well as one’s samsaric-(personalized) energy-signature can be rendered totally Read more [...]

Powers of Gnosis

We have now come to the siddhis-proper, or those mystical powers assimilated from the yogic foundation provided from the perfect sanyamaic-discipline, or the techniques of applying Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi to any given phenomenal energy-field. As can be weighed from all the preceding material, Siddhic-Mastership entails engaging in an extraordinary amount of untold hours developing these salient techniques before the yogin dare engage in utilizing and even bending the laws of psychic-phenomena. Read more [...]

In Transit

iii. 4-10 The Sanyama of the Moment 3.4 The Three-in-One is called Sanyama Sanyama is the synthesis between Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi. When the Illuminative Energy is released the Siddhis are born. In this fashion true gnosis on the object of attention is established. Undivided-Awareness (Bodhipower) kicks-in like a cosmic energy-beam, fashioning all aspects of mentality as one so wills. 3.5 In Mastering Sanyama Direct-Intuitive Gnosis bursts-forth in brilliant Luminosity. The Read more [...]