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By Me You Are

2. By Me You Are After that the [Supreme Source], the mind of complete purity, dwelt in what is called a contemplation (samadhi) of 'all things emerge from Her.' Mind Itself in Deep Contemplative-Samadhi recognizes that all things emerge from Self. Mind alone Recollects Mind. Deep looking upon Deep. Truly THE breakthrough in Mind’s Self-Recollection in the Unborn. Technically, in contemplation (samadhi), “the mind cannot be moved by the so-called eight winds: benefit and loss; fame Read more [...]


Things known as defiled or as pure are like hair-nets [that is, wrongly perceived by the dim-eyed]; they [really] have nothing to do with such notions as birth, abiding, and disappearance, or as eternity and non-eternity. Hair-nets (keśoṇḍukam): a sling or knot of hair, such is the nature of the hair-net—in actuality little knots all tied together to form one whole. It’s a visual-distortion, such do the dim-witted perceive the apparent conceptions of birth, ect; all these phenomenal Read more [...]

Karma’s Repository

The advent of Mahāyāna Buddhism that coincided with the beginning of the Christian-era gave birth to the most sublime innovations in Buddhist-thought that have not been surpassed even to this day. Colorful, dynamic and transcendent in scope, resplendent with rich metaphorical language founded in the rich soil of sūtra and śāstra laden literature, the Mahāyāna shaped a new and indefatigable-direction for the nature of the karma-effect. According to the Sarvāstivādin and Theravādin doctrine, Read more [...]

Seedless Contemplation

Completion of Book I Seedless (Nirbīja) Contemplation The prior sutras all bore merit in disabling the cognitive functions of mind and simultaneously planting rich bodhi-seeds of awareness, thus empowering the yogin to transcend all spheres of samsara and rest in the tranquility of the un-bifurcated (undivided) Unborn Mind. However, the exercises are not yet complete since there is, however subtle, a need to supersede all forms of the slightest objective-semblance that one yearns to meditate Read more [...]