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The Golden Coin

Chapter Four: The Benediction of Self-Enlightenment, con’t Apratisthia Bodhisattva said, "The Tathagata has explained that the sacred power of the One-Enlightenment [where] the four wisdoms (mentioned in the last paragraph) [are perfected] are in fact the self-enlightened nature of all sentient beings. Why? Because these are fully replete within the bodies of all sentient beings basically." The Buddha agreed, "So it is. Why? All sentient beings are basically free from outflows with all Read more [...]

Lying On the Couch of Unitary Thusness

Today’s Blog-Title comes from Wŏnhyo’s opening comment to his exegesis on the Fourth Chapter. “When bodhisattvas cultivate contemplation and gain nonproduction, they thoroughly penetrate to the fact that sentient beings are originally calm and quiescent, which is their original enlightenment. Lying on the couch of unitary thusness, they benefit sentient beings through this original inspiration.” [ibid, pg. 137] Wŏnhyo assures that this is a most beneficial enterprise—one that shatters Read more [...]

The Original Mind-King

Chapter Two: The Signless Dharma, cont’d Vimukti Bodhisattva addressed the Buddha: "How is it that the nature of the tathagatagarbha is calm and motionless?" The Buddha replied, "The characteristics of arising and demise of the tathagatagarbha's functions and discretions are [in accordance with] its concealed principle [of void-calmness], enabling it not to manifest [itself]. This is how the nature of the tathagatagarbha is calm and motionless." When in pluralized-obstruction mode Read more [...]