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Woe is Me

Not indifferent to the devastating effects of illness, Unborn Mind Zen possesses the necessary tools to transcend the lamentable “Woe is me” mentality. As an integral part of the skandhic-landscape, one should anticipate the occasional pangs of sickness, for it is an inherent symptom of mortal existence. Unborn Mind Zen advises embracing these experiences without becoming excessively fixated on the accompanying symptoms, as they are a natural part of the healing process. read more

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In Sickness and in Health


Illness and the Buddha Mind 

“With my only thought to find the Buddha Mind, I struggled fruitlessly, floundering desperately and dashing all over. But what happened was that I got myself ill and was laid up in bed for a long time, so that I’ve come to know a lot about sickness too. Being born into this world and having a body, we must expect to meet with illness. But when you conclusively realize the Unborn Buddha Mind, you don’t distress yourself over the sufferings of illness: you clearly distinguish illness as illness, suffering as suffering. This is because the Buddha Mind, being originally unborn, has nothing to do with joy or suffering, the reason being that that which is unborn transcends thought. read more

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