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The Tao of Qi

The Zhuangzi says, “Pure spirit reaches in the four directions, flows now this way, now that: there is no place it does not extend to. Above, it brushes the sky; below, it coils on the earth. It transforms and nurses the myriad things, but no one can make out its form. It is one with heaven” The Yin of Mind is a flowing of Pure Qi in the vast Unknown Quantum of Voidness; the Yang aspect is the outflowing of this voidness manifested as limitless vacillations that is shaped and supported Read more [...]

The Tao of Mind

In the Void the two are indivisible, Formerly both contained all the ten-thousand things. When there is finally no sense of any discrimination left, There is no longer any need of being for or against. The Way of the Unborn is boundless, Wherein No-thing exists that is slight or burdensome. Yet invite the slightest anxiety, Heaviness of mind will swiftly return. When Indra’s Net becomes unraveled, the former intersecting points that once contained all the ten-thousand things Read more [...]

Fatal Obstructions

(Yampolsky)  "Good friends, in this teaching from the outset sitting in meditation does not concern the mind nor does it concern purity; we do not talk of steadfastness. If someone speaks of 'viewing the mind,' [then I would say] that the 'mind' is of itself delusion, and as delusions are just like fantasies, there is nothing to be seen. If someone speaks of 'viewing purity,' [then I would say] that man's nature is of itself pure, but because of false thoughts True Reality is obscured. If Read more [...]