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Who, what are you?

  Can you view yourself as one whom has come to know their own true nature? One, whom has gone beyond the senses, whom in the gracious body of the Mind´s true light transcended any and all views or the most intense mortal descensions? One whom stepped into a pure, unborn reality of the Mind Where YOU, yes, the true YOU... are completely, perfectly and incandescently content, with that most luminous nature of your own True Self? -- If you apply the haze of existence or non-existence to Read more [...]

A Farewell Stanza from Hui-neng

(Yampolsky)  The Master passed away on the third day of the eighth month of the second year of Hsien-t'ien (= August 28,713). On the eighth day of the seventh month he called his disciples together and bade them farewell. In the first year of Hsien-t'ien the Master had constructed a pagoda at the Kuo-en Temple in Hsin-chou, and now in the seventh month of the second year of Hsien-t'ien he was taking his leave. The Master said: "Come close. In the eighth month I intend to leave this world. Read more [...]