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Eunuch Power and the Two Entrances

The Sweet-Dew Incident It may sound hard to hear for modern ears that the great Tsung-mi’s downfall was at the hands of Eunuchs. However, these were no namby-pamby fellows that appear in some Mel Brook’s comedy, but rather fierce-warriors that were actually bred for maintaining power and control over the Emperor’s Court.  The year was 835 and Tsung-mi became implicated in what is known as the Sweet-Dew Incident. This involved a failed coup attempt to oust the Eunuch stronghold over Read more [...]

Tozen: The Spirit of Zen Buddhism

  The Zen Master wanders the temple yard, while slowly waving a paper fan against his face under the hot summer sun. A monk approaches fast]. "Yes, Master?" "It is a hot day, and all beings suffer the sun of ignorance. Thus, we need to cool ourselves in the brilliant light of the dharma for a while before night falls. Let’s discuss the undisputable teaching of Bodhidharma. Feel free and present the basic principle of his dharma to me." "Master, this is what I know so far about Read more [...]