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Coming in March: The Udāna

Ash Wednesday has always been profoundly deep-rooted in my being. Perhaps no other date on the Catholic calendar induces such a sense of somberness that millions (mostly non-practicing Catholics) are obsessed to go to church to get those ashes splayed across their foreheads. While that particular liturgical action no longer holds any stock for me, the solemn season of Lent that it ushers in does prove to have an enduring quality. If one were to search the archives here at Unborn Mind Zen, you would find many an auspicious-Buddhist series commencing during this period. This year will be no different as we will be offering an exegesis of the well-renowned, The Udāna. John D. Ireland in his excellent translation points-out its defining quality as an inspired utterance: read more

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Will the Real Self please Stand-up

There are many standard definitions of Ātman but the most substantial has to do with Its Essential Selfhood. Standing alone as the First Principle, It is the Real-Self that at once transcends all phenomena while simultaneously serving a supportive function as the Essence that constitutes the very fabric of all Beingness. In this respect, it connotes the flavor of a most salient Upaniṣadic recipe: read more

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The Dustless Dhammacakkhu

One of the best descriptions of the Great Deathless Vision (Noble-Ariyan Path) is recalled in the Vimānavatthu: read more

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Ascending the Physical

iii. 38-45 Ascending the Rūpakaya

3.38 Liberation from bondage to the Rūpakaya, the yogin is freed to merge with another mind-essence. read more

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