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The Buddha Principle

22. Q: It says in the Precepts of the Bodhisattvas: “When sentient beings contemplate the Buddha Principle, they then assume the stature of all Buddhas, which is analogous to the Great Enlightenment; in so doing they become noble children of the Buddhas.” Please explain.
A: The Buddha Principle signifies perfect clarity and purity of mind. In undertaking this perfect nonattachment, one then transcends all skandhic obstructions and thus fully recognizes the Buddha Principle. All of the preceding Buddhas engaged this perfect principle and thereby remained impervious to all defiled dharmas and thus won the crown of Buddhahood. If one engages this perfect mind principle, then one is said to receive the merit of all Buddhas; hence, they will soon be knocking on the door of Buddhahood itself. If one wins this perfect Mind Illumination then one is in league with the Great Enlightenment. These noble ones are truly children of the Buddha and their mind engenders holy wisdom. read more

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