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The Melody of the Unborn

8.3 (73) Parinibbāna (Nibbāna Sutta) Thus has it been made known. On one occasion the Blessed One was residing near Sāvatthī, at the Jeta Grove in Anāthapiṇḍika’s Park. On that auspicious occasion the Blessed One was instructing and arousing and inspiring the monks with a discourse centered on Nibbāna. The monks opened their Dharma-ear and responded wholeheartedly to the Dhamma being displayed before them. Then, upon realizing the great significance that was unfolding, the Blessed Read more [...]

Real Mind is Dharmakaya

Our own Real Nature is the Nature of the Unborn. Once this Nature is grasped there is no subtle shift or change As this Mind never increases or decreases but is simply Self-Realized as the Dharmakaya Remaining stabilized and free in this Realization Assures tranquility of mind and spirit. Read more [...]

This is the destiny of most sentient minds…

Desire-Thought-Function. The creation of one enables the latter, ad-infinitum. From the first to the last and from the last back to the first. This is depicted in the image above showing the minds many, many ways and ability to manifest this process in its countless permutations, all of them without the slightest flaw, or mercy, prolonging the presence of Samsara and not Nirvana in the mind´s  own reality, the Dharmakaya. Hence where there is Dharmakaya, the mind sees and experiences Samsara Read more [...]

The untrapped Mind

The untrapped Mind is the Mind of Nirvana. Where defiled minds dwell in countless positions of their own making, the untrapped Mind remains free in the shining reality of its own uncreatedness. Any mind given to the most minute desire for resistance against its own true nature is prone to the endless formations of good and evil. Though the aforementioned are mere illusory positions of a snared mind, they still, though devoid of inherent power, use the power of the trapped mind to influence Read more [...]

Open your mouth

Open your mouth, utter a single syllable, type a single word and you merely are spreading the illusion of your own perception of what you believe, at any given moment, to be the equal or part of an absolute reality. There are no fixed ways, no methods whatsoever to perceive absolute reality except instantaneously allowing the mind to switch from its state of a composed and born consciousness to its natural state of Mind Only. This "switch" is in itself an illusion of an act seemingly taking place Read more [...]

The first thing ever expressed by an enlightened sage

The first thing ever expressed by an enlightened sage to any given student of the way is the wordless proof that "there is only Mind".  This is the very same dharma professed by all bodhisattvas maha bodhisattvas and Buddhas.Whatever more sentient beings might see, either by the appearance of words, various meanings via composed doctrines and other forms of literal conveyance, it all falls back on that first wordless truth of the Absolute, that is immaculate, permanent, unborn, Whatever more Read more [...]

Faith and enlightenment in Zen

All born things are subject to entropy. Nothing created can ever escape the critical point of its own decay and final dissolution.  This axiom is not only valid for all things around you and within your body,but also your ideas, your memories, your pain and your joys, and all your desires. All this, you perceive through your filtered present consciousness,  are but positions of the Mind, your true Mind. This verse, within and outside what you presently deem as self,  is possible at any given Read more [...]

Know your true nature

  As an inexhaustible producer of form and emptiness, the great Mind Essence remains permanently  imageless. As long as certainty and the true nature of this Mind is not assured,  ignorance reigns, death is certain and the painful womb of rebirth,  into most uncertain destinies, becomes unavoidable. Tozen Read more [...]

The Zen of your own-being

Om svabhava suddha sarva dharma svabhava suddho’ham. [1] Character is nothing, own-being is everything. Thus, such is the path of enlightenment  that a being of good merit should choose not to foster character but unveil the clear light of their own-being to themselves. Where the former is solely based on  the interdependent origination of arising and cessating  conditions, the latter is clear light. Where one is mere illusion of appearances, the other is a solid reality of imagelessness and Read more [...]

The Zen that is quicker than lightning.

Once upon a time a good mind of the way transported its body to a supposed place of a great Mind Master,  as to inquire into the mystery of the Buddhadharma. Once its body, and main source of self-reliance, reached the peak of a high mountain, there inside a cave with no external light reaching in, the Mind Master awaited the students arrival in IT´s usual state of mahasamadhi, granting the student the karmic vision of an old withered body in a worn out robe, sitting comfortably behind Read more [...]