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(21) AS IT IS

To get beyond thought patterns and other forms of desires that are manifested in the ever-changing canvas of your body consciousness, requires power. I speak of pure undivided awareness power. This singular energy of your own true-self cannot be found in this world nor in any other. So where then is this mysterious power to be found, in that your Mind does not keep playing any more tricks to yourself? There is much Zen in this, a form of Zen unknown to most, even those Read more [...]

The Diamond Sutra: Closing Reflection

The great Light-Bearer, Jesus the Christ, would summarize this sutra as “being in the world but not of it.” His will was always to do the Divine Will of his Unborn Father. In like fashion, the Mahabodhisattvas embrace a Transcendent Will not of their own making, but the Dharmakayic Will of the Tathagatas; they endeavor to view the nature of things through their prajna-eye, and in so doing they give birth to that blessed Undivided Awareness Power in perfect conjunction with the Luminous Spirit-Mind Read more [...]
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