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Summer of the Void

We have just completed our summer series on Voidness and all things Void. The methodology employed has been a systematic one incorporating Doctrinal, Hermeneutical, Exegetical, Spiritual, Experiential and Transcendental disciplines. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other comprehensive approach to the subject matter anywhere else on the internet. Our most recent segment, The Experience of No-self (and related sequential blogs), conjoined the experiential and transcendental components in the life of one prominent Contemplative-Sojourner, Bernadette Roberts and her coming face to face in a series of life-transcending events with the very essence of the Void-Factor. Her subsequent volumes, What is Self, The Path to No-Self, further extrapolate the meaning of her No-Self experiences. Her essential contribution to the field of Contemplative-Spirituality places her alongside spiritual giants like John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila—actually eclipsing them on several points. She has also written a book on Christology, The Real Christ, which nicely compliments our series on a Docetic Assessment. Her approach is keenly aware of the pitfalls of relying too heavily on an anthropocentric approach to Christhood and the Divine… read more

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Doctrine of the Void

As has been articulated in these many blogs, the Void is the privation of all disordered dharmata that is pleasing to the carnal mind and flesh. It is the antithesis of created realms by virtue of Its prior animating function that gives structure to such defiled states. As such It is hereafter referred to as the premier Voidness—neither something nor nothing yet simultaneously that Self-Same all-encompassing Void (śūnyatā) That is empty of inherent existence and non-existence. Huang Po’s famous dictum states that people are afraid of emptying their mind lest they plunge into Voidness, failing to recognize that their own Mind IS Voidness. This Voidness does not refer to some-thing “other” in the dark center of the universe, acting as some form of cosmic vacuum-cleaner sucking-in everything in its path like a gargantuan black-hole reducing everything to sheer nothingness. It needs to be stated at this junction that nothingness is NOT this Voidness; yea, Voidness is Self-Empty of everything—even the blackened and awful maul of nihilism. In Voidness there is no-thing to see, no-thing to perceive or conceive; begin to discriminate about IT and you will never self-recognize IT. read more

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