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Contemplative Sojourn IV

Robert Masla Studios Greetings from Vajragoni here at Unborn Mind Zen. Once again it’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since last August in arriving back from Contemplative Sojourn III many new installments have been added over the course of this last season. Our most recent series, The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn, involved a re-visioning of the mystical-spiritual technique of turning-around-the light. Prior to that a series was offered on a Read more [...]

Mud and Water: Bassui Zen

In November we will be spending time with the 14th century Japanese Zen Master Bassui—a name which means “far above average”, a title bestowed by Kohō Kakumyo ( 1271-1361) who was one of many renowned Dharma-masters Bassui encountered along the way to full Self-realization. His own discussions with monks and nuns as well as lay adepts have been compiled under what has come to be known as ‘Mud and Water’, or Wadeigassui which is part of a longer title indicating that the talks originated Read more [...]

Akshobhya—the Magician of the Sacred Vajra

IT is neither going nor standing still Neither static, nor dynamic Neither substance nor nonsubstance Neither appearance nor emptiness The nature of all things, like space Is without any movement. One may call IT “space” But IT is empty of any essence And as such it transcends definitions Such as real or unreal Existent or nonexistent Or anything else Thus not the slightest distinction exists Between space, the mind, and intrinsic reality Only their designations Read more [...]
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