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Atsuya Okuda—the Sound of the (zen) Bamboo Flute

Tozen dropped-off this marvelous link…enjoy!

Atsuya Okuda, producer of The Sound of Zen 2002

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sound_of_Zen read more

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Honey Boo Boo on Wikipedia???

I remember once a few years back trying to get Tozen’s work recognized on Wikipedia; my request was refused since there was no wide-base of corresponding articles or resources available that recognized his efforts; all this despite the fact that the Tozen Teachings constitute many years of laborious efforts (even his vast work, The Dharmakaya Sutra, which has been available in print) to teach the Buddhadharma. The same can be said of the Zennist’s efforts (apart from references of Stuart Lachs) as witnessed by his prolific blog over the past 5 years. What do we find offered instead on Wikipedia? The stupid mass-media (becoming increasingly obese) Reality-Show wonder-child, Honey Boo Boo—just ramblin’ on while being exploited by both her crazed fan-base and family alike; just shows the sad and disgusting state of mind of where the culture is at in these fu**ed-up times! One also questions the far less-than-respectable and intellectually barren WikiLords who warrant this kind of crap being listed in the first place. How shit being lumped together with other compendiums of worthwhile and mentally challenging material is beyond me. Perhaps it’s a sign of the eminent downfall of a civilization the likes of the Roman Empire and world of long ago. Yesterday is tomorrow today. read more

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