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False Imagination

Andrew Gable What is known as multiplicity-seeds multiply in the mind (citta); in what is revealed, the ignorant imagine birth and are delighted with dualism. Thought is derived from a multiplicity of seeds in the mind tinged with associative functions in the Alaya-receptacle. The ignorant-minded perceive birth smothered with dualistic ramifications. Perhaps the best simile for the dualistic mind-show is a character found in Edmond Spencer’s (c. 1552–1599), The Faerie Queene—Duessa. Read more [...]

Turning the Light and Protecting the Garbha-child

III. Turning the Light and Protecting the Garbha-child  The expression, “turning the light around”, was revealed by the Shining Ones in the minds of exceptional mediums of True Light. When the Primordial Light is allowed to turn-about freely, all the powers of the Cosmos, of Light and Dark, are crystallized. This is known as the Yang and Yin congealing into unrestricted Pure Qi. When the adept first engages this technique, it appears that one is entering into a dimensionless-realm Read more [...]